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Proven steps to breaking a trauma bond #1

Proven Steps to Breaking a Trauma Bond #1

Trauma Bond What? Trauma bonds are formed when you are in a toxic relationship that has dramatic ups and downs. Usually the downs last longer than the ups but not always. These bonds are strengthened by the toxic person through a systematic approach of giving hope and taking it away. They promise love, family, happiness,…
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Move Forward with These 3 Steps

Actionable Steps to Moving Forward Sometimes, when dealing with addiction and betrayal trauma, we put more effort into the other person than we do ourselves. We focus on their needs to try to keep ourselves safe. Their needs and wants take the driver’s seat to curb their addiction. We will break our own boundaries, put…
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How To Cope With Fear/Download

Partners Lies causing fear? So you know your partner is lying and using porn. Maybe they are seeing other people or prostitutes. They may be blaming you, or how you look. They may be taking all the blame and turning it into a reason to go do more of what is hurting you. What do…
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5 Things to Include In Your Parenting Plan

Parenting Plans Are for All of You §§cs§§ So parenting plans are very personal and will be different for most families but when you are co-parenting with a sex addict or porn addict there are 5 things that I believe are important to include. Some people will see these as overprotective and overbearing, but I…
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Podcast-Divorce as Trauma

Podcast- I am going to talk about Divorce as it relates to trauma and what that does to us.   Click Here To Book Your FREE Consultation Podcast-Divorce as Trauma Betrayal Trauma Podcast-Divorce as Trauma Podcast- I am going to talk about Divorce as it relates to trauma and what that does to us. Click Here…
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7 Ways to Tell if Your Partner is Working Recovery

How to Tell if Your Partner is Actually in Recovery So your partner is in recovery. Sadly after so many lies in the relationship we come to question almost everything. Some common questions loved ones have are similar to these: “Are they really?” “Are they just telling me that to placate me?” “Is it another…
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What does Betrayal Trauma Really Mean?

What does Betrayal Trauma really mean? Betrayal Trauma is a lot like PTSD, but it’s specifically from someone we trust or depend on.

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