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Beginners Guide: Gaslighting

Psychological Manipulation     §§cs§§ Gaslighting is psychological manipulation. It makes people question their own sanity, memory, and perception of reality. This is emotional and psychological ABUSE.   This can come in many ways and is usually unnoticed by the victim. Until they either have it pointed out or they learn about it from another source.…
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7 Relationship Rules that Save Marriages

    §§cs§§ Boundaries in Relationships Boundaries are important in any relationship but they play a vital role in our intimate relationships. This is because we become so immersed in being joined with our partner that we sometimes have a hard time knowing where we end and they begin. When we are so involved we…
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What are Daily Check Ins and Why Are They Important

§§cs§§ Why Daily Check ins? Do you ever wonder how your SA spouse is doing? Do they leave you out of the loop about their recovery? I suggest implementing a daily check in. This is a set time that you get together to talk about what is going on and how everything is working out.…
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7 Ways to Tell if Your Partner is Working Recovery

How to Tell if Your Partner is Actually in Recovery So your partner is in recovery. Sadly after so many lies in the relationship we come to question almost everything. Some common questions loved ones have are similar to these: “Are they really?” “Are they just telling me that to placate me?” “Is it another…
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7 Things You Need to Know on DDay

7 Things You Need to Know on DDay   First what do I mean by DDay? Well that is what we call discovery day. The day you find out your significant other is cheating or using porn or texting other people for sexual purposes. This is the day that your whole life turns upside down…
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Free Printable Trigger Log!

Triggers are one of the hardest things to work through with betrayal trauma. First you have to realize its a trigger and what that means, and then learn how to work though the thoughts and behaviors associated. The best way I have found to become mindful of the situations is to start a log. I…
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Emotional Dysregulation in Betrayal Trauma

    One of the more severe symptoms of betrayal trauma is the emotional dysregulation. This is where you have extreme mood changes quickly. Most of the time you won’t even know its coming. It just jumps up and grabs you. Like walking through the mall and your suddenly overcome by anger or watching tv…
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