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Trauma Bonding

Trauma Bonding, What It Is/What It Isn’t

So What is Trauma Bonding? I have been saying I will be talking about trauma bonding for a while and not really hitting the mark how I would like. I am going to work on changing that over the next week or two. I know that trauma bonding is talked about in regards to narcissistic…
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Betrayal Trauma

Relapses; How to get out of the cycle of Pain

When your addict husband relapses So your spouse is in treatment. He does good for a while. You start to feel like there is progress and WAM you find porn in the truck. So what do you do? How can you get out of the cycle of pain? I have an answer but you probably…
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7 Ways to Tell if Your Partner is Working Recovery

How to Tell if Your Partner is Actually in Recovery So your partner is in recovery. Sadly after so many lies in the relationship we come to question almost everything. Some common questions loved ones have are similar to these: “Are they really?” “Are they just telling me that to placate me?” “Is it another…
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5 Books Every Partner of SA Needs to Read

5 Books Every Partner of SA Should Read I have read a lot of books about Porn Addiction and Sex Addiction that I thought were helpful. But there were books that for me changed my thinking and helped me move through so much. I am sharing a list of 5 books that did just that…
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