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Betrayal Trauma Recovery

7 Types of Journaling and Betrayal Trauma Recovery

How can this help? Betrayal trauma recovery sometimes feels like a neverending rabbit hole. We go through some instances of our hearts being broken and feel like we are falling to find some solid ground to then have it ripped out from us again. We don’t know what is really going on because the amount…
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Betrayal Trauma Discovery Day.

What I Wish Someone Had Told Me on Betrayal Trauma Discovery Day

So many hurts There are so many things I know now that I wish I had known on Betrayal Trauma Discovery day. I had no real idea what to do or who to turn to. My heart felt like it was breaking and going numb at the same time. I am going to share a…
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Beginners Guide: Gaslighting

Psychological Manipulation     §§cs§§ Gaslighting is psychological manipulation. It makes people question their own sanity, memory, and perception of reality. This is emotional and psychological ABUSE.   This can come in many ways and is usually unnoticed by the victim. Until they either have it pointed out or they learn about it from another source.…
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How to Create Safety in Your Marriage/To the SA

To the SA Trying to Save Their Marriage §§cs§§ All marriages recovering from infidelity of any sort have different needs than a marriage that has never had that sort of violation. There is a complete new set of expectations and beliefs that will come to bear on both partners. If there is sincere regret and…
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What are Daily Check Ins and Why Are They Important

§§cs§§ Why Daily Check ins? Do you ever wonder how your SA spouse is doing? Do they leave you out of the loop about their recovery? I suggest implementing a daily check in. This is a set time that you get together to talk about what is going on and how everything is working out.…
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7 Ways to Tell if Your Partner is Working Recovery

How to Tell if Your Partner is Actually in Recovery So your partner is in recovery. Sadly after so many lies in the relationship we come to question almost everything. Some common questions loved ones have are similar to these: “Are they really?” “Are they just telling me that to placate me?” “Is it another…
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5 Books Every Partner of SA Needs to Read

5 Books Every Partner of SA Should Read I have read a lot of books about Porn Addiction and Sex Addiction that I thought were helpful. But there were books that for me changed my thinking and helped me move through so much. I am sharing a list of 5 books that did just that…
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Emotional Dysregulation in Betrayal Trauma

    One of the more severe symptoms of betrayal trauma is the emotional dysregulation. This is where you have extreme mood changes quickly. Most of the time you won’t even know its coming. It just jumps up and grabs you. Like walking through the mall and your suddenly overcome by anger or watching tv…
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Discovering My Husband’s Porn Addiction, Betrayal Trauma

This is not my usual post of information or support. I have decided to share how I learned about Betrayal Trauma and what drives me to help others who are dealing with issues pertaining to it. I will not really be giving any information in this post but giving my audience an insight into my…
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