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Proven steps to breaking a trauma bond #1

Proven Steps to Breaking a Trauma Bond #1

Trauma Bond What? Trauma bonds are formed when you are in a toxic relationship that has dramatic ups and downs. Usually the downs last longer than the ups but not always. These bonds are strengthened by the toxic person through a systematic approach of giving hope and taking it away. They promise love, family, happiness,…
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5 Signs of Trauma Bonding

5 Signs of Trauma Bonding

Trauma Bonding from Toxic Relationship Trauma bonding is a term for the significant bond created when you are in a toxic relationship. It will keep you there much longer that you want to be and will give you the feeling that you may never get away. This is caused by the up and down of…
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Beginners Guide: Gaslighting

Psychological Manipulation     §§cs§§ Gaslighting is psychological manipulation. It makes people question their own sanity, memory, and perception of reality. This is emotional and psychological ABUSE.   This can come in many ways and is usually unnoticed by the victim. Until they either have it pointed out or they learn about it from another source.…
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7 Ways to Tell if Your Partner is Working Recovery

How to Tell if Your Partner is Actually in Recovery So your partner is in recovery. Sadly after so many lies in the relationship we come to question almost everything. Some common questions loved ones have are similar to these: “Are they really?” “Are they just telling me that to placate me?” “Is it another…
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