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How I can Help

Embrace Healing with Rising Above Betrayal Trauma Recovery Coaching!

How I can Help:


I am here for you completely to help you through the pain and anger of Betrayal Trauma. I have first-hand knowledge of having a spouse that was a sex and pornography addict. I know what this is like. I know the narcissistic traits, lies, fighting, gaslighting and all the rest involved with an addicted spouse. I am here to talk about anger, pain, and confusion. When you work on the issues involved, you will be able to move towards a healthy happy you.

First-Hand Knowledge

I will help you to learn how to stick to your truth and the reality you know. You will be able to transform your life no matter what type of betrayal trauma you are dealing with. I will teach you how to accomplish safety emotionally, sexually, mentally and physically. I am not a large company or group. I limit my clientele list to give the best possible attention and understanding to each person. This gives me the ability to form a personal relationship with each of my clients. Which I feel is necessary when dealing with betrayal trauma. You need to personally feel for someone to help them feel the messy emotions and pain we go through in betrayal trauma.


I am a very small business and I put your healing above profit in every way. I do this because it is my passion in life. I want to help you and others like you to fulfill your potential and healing your infidelity trauma will move us towards that. I not only want to restore your feelings but give you the tools to bring your life to a whole new level of happiness. You personally are important to me. Your healing is important to me. You deserve to be whole again. The greatest joy in my life is being a part of your transformation. When you are a client with me I will also give you my personal email to contact me. I will make it my priority to answer when able.  You will ALWAYS get a return message. Even if it is to tell you that the information you’re looking for would be best given in a full session. If you doubt my sincerity in text listen to my message to YOU

What Do You Get During Our Time

  • Aid in making a boundaries list that you can follow
  • Support
  • 14 years of experience, knowledge and training to help you through
  • An action plan
  • Relief from the pain of betrayal
  • Encourgement to heal and thrive
  • Guidance in changing your relationship towards a new healthy level
  • The comfort of knowing you are not alone and that you are following the footsteps of hundreds of women I have helped to create a new better life
  • Access to a vast network of Survivors and Thrivers

What You are Agreeing to By Becoming A Client

  • You will work on the things you decide to do.
  • You will do the work for yourself and no one else.
  • You will take time and learn.
  • You understand this will take time and that you will need more than one session.
  • You are important and are an equal partner in your life.
  • You will take time for yourself during our sessions and when planned to have the self-care needed.

Not an overnight fix but long term FREEDOM

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