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How I can Help

Embrace Healing with Rising Above Betrayal Trauma Recovery Coaching!

How I can Help:


I am here for you completely to help you through the pain and anger of Betrayal Trauma. I have first-hand knowledge of having a spouse that was a sex and pornography addict. I also experienced an absentee father, childhood sexual abuse and other personal betrayal trauma that I have worked through. I know what this is like. I know the narcissistic traits, lies, fighting, gaslighting and all the rest involved with an addicted spouse. These are just the Betrayal Trauma types I have personally dealt with but I am well versed in many more.

First-Hand Knowledge

I will help you to learn how to stick to your truth and the reality you know. You will be able to live your life no matter what type of betrayal trauma you are dealing with. I will teach you how to keep yourself safe emotionally, sexually, mentally and physically. I am not a large company or group. I limit my clientele list to give the best possible attention and understanding to each person. This gives me the ability to form a personal relationship with each of my clients. Which I feel is necessary when dealing with betrayal trauma. You need to personally feel for someone to help them feel the messy emotions and pain we go through in betrayal trauma.


When you are a client with me I will also give you my personal email to contact me. I will make it my priority to answer when able.  You will ALWAYS get a return message. Even if it is to tell you that the information you’re looking for would be best given in a full session. My clients gain access to a forum to be able to have support from others going through the same issues.  All clients will keep this access for the duration of their time as a client. There will be no unknown members or outsiders who have no real reason to be there or just to troll.

Facebook Group for FREE

I have a Facebook group open to the public at  https://www.facebook.com/groups/486766611725155/  that is not clients only. It is open for those needing support but unsure if they want to become clients.

Betrayal Trauma comes in many forms and has many starting points. Do not worry if I haven’t mentioned something that resonates with your experience. We can do a FREE consultation to see if I can help you and what you need.

I also cover other types of Life Coaching. I do Goal Setting and Letting Go but am more focused on Betrayal Trauma. If you have any questions concerning what I can help you with personally please contact me.

What I Will Do

  • I will never tell you what to do.
  • I will help you make an Action Plan that will actually work for you.
  • I will help you form Boundaries you can stick to.
  • I will help you to make decisions based on how you really feel and what is best for you, in a way that you are in complete control of.
  • I will give you the tools to be calm and safe no matter what your partner decides to do.
  • I will not expect more from you than you can handle but will push you to move forward in a way that is conductive and caring.
  • I will give you complete attention during our sessions and expect the same as much as possible.
  • I will not overload myself to make sure each client gets the attention needed.

What You are Agreeing to By Becoming A Client

  • You will work on the things you decide to do.
  • You will do the work for yourself and no one else.
  • You will take time and learn.
  • You understand this will take time and that you will need more than one session.
  • You are important and are an equal partner in your life.
  • You will take time for yourself during our sessions and when planned to have the self-care needed.

Not an overnight fix but long term FREEDOM

When working on ourselves we need to take time and not only learn the new information but ingrain it into ourselves, this is a process and will not happen in a linear pattern. Many of the things I will teach you will take more than one or two tries to get right. It is important that you take the time and give yourself the mental focus needed. I completely understand how hard it is to focus on ourselves when our partner or someone close to us has caused us pain but it is necessary for success.

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