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Can This ONE Program SAVE Your Marriage?

Embrace Healing with Rising Above Betrayal Trauma Recovery Coaching!

Can One Program Save Your Marriage from Pornography?

Hi guys, today I am unveiling my newest program to save marriages embroiled in betrayal trauma and pornography addiction.

I know you are hurting, you’re angry and you want your pain to stop NOW.

Did you know your partner wants the same thing? Even if they seem like they don’t care or may even make you feel like they just do whatever to make you happy, if they are still there, they probably want to make things better.

Well, I am excited to share with you the newest program in my arsinal, grand opening TODAY! I am now offering a husbands and wives INTENSIVE COUPLES COACHING!

You and your spouse will have separate coaches, I will be working with the wives and my partner Doug, will be working with the husbands to FINALLY come together in HEALING and RECOVERY!

Doug is not only a great coach, but is himself a recovering addict with years of sobriety. This gives him a unique perspective and the ability to call out the manipulations of the addict. He knows there is a very big difference between your spouse as a person and the addiction itself and will help to bring the real man out.

If you worry that your spouse will be able to pull the wool over his coaches eyes, be assured, that won’t happen. Along with his specialized training, he knows all the tricks of the addict and the motivations from a personal perspective. This gives you the assurance you need but also will help your spouse to feel confident that his side will really be heard. Having the experience Doug has gives your spouse the chance to learn from someone who has been there and conquered the issues.

We will start with 2 sessions but move to 3 sessions a week, wife alone with me, husband alone with Doug and one together starting the 3rd week. We will give you the openness and honesty you need to heal through a therapeutic disclosure, including a polygraph if needed. Your spouse will be able to let go of the shame that keeps him in the cycle of addiction. This will release him to really grow and change. You will get the intimacy and comfort you really need to feel safe again.

Accountability will be built right in as your spouse will be required to use CovenantEyes software but you will not ever have to monitor it yourself as Doug will be your spouse’s constant accountability partner. No more worry on what he is doing so you can focus on HEALING and so can THEY!

Your children will be able to see a vast improvement and you will be modeling the behaviors you want them to learn in relationships as your partnership changes for the better! Your underlying issues from the betrayal trauma will be able to be worked on so you will be able to get back to your true you. Happy, healthy and whole. This will improve not only your marriage but your life as you move forward.

You will work on boundaries, your needs, your feelings, trust, body image, the betrayal trauma, damage caused and recovery all in one place. You will find yourself again and build a better relationship with YOURSELF. You will come out stronger and able to handle whatever life throws at you. This program will cover it ALL.

Not only will you be able to have a weekly session but you will have exclusive access to me through text and email as needed. This means you will have the constant support you need to heal and grow. You will be given a safe place to talk out how you feel and what it has done to you. You will be able to really process the pain and anger to be able to let yourself move forward in wholeness.

While you do that, your spouse will learn how to change their coping mechanisms and learn how to make the needed changes to not only make you happy but to be able to really function in a healthy relationship. Your partner will be introduced to different stress management styles, healthy living and how to give themselves the care they need in a more healthy manner.

They will learn how the things they have done cause you pain and how to help you through this. He will have the ability to call on Doug at any time he is needed through email and text message, so when he has any issues he will have the support needed.

There are only 10 available spots for this program because, as always, I do not have a large business where you will be shuffled around from coach to coach. We will start together and finish together. This means to accommodate the amount of time this program will take, we have chosen to limit the program to 10 couples ONLY! I am offering this to my subscribers, group members and followers FIRST but will release the information to the public on Thursday.

If you are ready for healing and for your marriage to become a partnership, please call NOW (541)903-5783 and schedule your intake today! I will not be taking more for this program until the 10 starting now finish. Do not wait and see how much farther into the addiction your partner falls or how much more damage you will go through. If you value your relationship and the healing possible, CALL NOW, I will be taking calls after hours regarding this program only, so you may not have until tomorrow. (541)903-5783

You and your Spouse will start as soon as possible to give your relationship the boost it needs to make things right. Give your marriage the chance to heal before it’s too late.


I will even guarantee that if you and your partner follow the program for 6 weeks you will see improvements or your money back! You have nothing to lose but the pain and anger you are buried in.

Out of all the help I have sought over the years, Karina is the only one I feel I can truly trust and open up to. Her perspectives and knowledge are so helpful, and never scolding or judgemental. She truly has a heart for helping others, and is very knowledgeable through study and experience in what she says and does. I would fully recommend Karina to anyone working their way through betrayal trauma. She is what you are looking for.
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