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Embrace Healing with Rising Above Betrayal Trauma Recovery Coaching!

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Most likely you’re in pain from discovery. Call for a free consultation for help to calm the storm of emotions you’re going through. Take Back Your POWER Today.


We will make a plan to get you through the discovery phase, give you a safety plan and start working on moving forward. You’ll need a boundaries list and action plan to help you to regain control of your life and emotions. Processing the pain of betrayal is an important step to taking back your power.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

With your Goals in order, we work on giving you the tools to process the pain anger lies and blameshifting. We will work on tools for communication to allow you to express these issues. We will cover what to do if your spouse doesn’t want to change.  Together we’ll find a path to get you to a new center, open yourself up to healing and allow you to walk through the grief.


As you gain confidence in yourself I’ll lead you in confronting gaslighting, lies, abuse and trauma. Next, I give you the tools to fight back in constructive ways to be able to make changes. This will give you the ability to control what you do or don’t allow to happen to you. You will need to be in a healthy frame of mind make rational decisions regarding your relationship and life. Your partner may have done the damage but you will need to pick up the pieces. This is something that most of us resent. We didn’t choose this but we have to clean it up.

Safe and Secure

We’ll work to make you safe and secure in your life and in yourself.  Build boundaries, a safety plan, action plan, and other tools to assure a changed future. No matter if you choose to stay in your relationship or leave we can work through it together. You will have the support that your partner will not give you.

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