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All Trauma is Trauma

Do you ever feel like maybe your trauma just isn’t that important because compared to someone else its not as bad? Or has someone told you not to feel like you do because they have it so much worse? Maybe you’ve heard that because your spouse was cheating emotionally and not physically you don’t have…
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How can I boost my mood to survive my spouses infidelity?

So maybe you need to go to work but you’re dealing with an unfaithful spouse at home? Or maybe you have kids to take care of but knowing your spouse is a porn addict is making that hard, here are a few tips to help.  January 14, 2019 So maybe you need to go to…
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Proven Steps to Breaking a Trauma Bond #4

Detachment The next step to ending a trauma bond come right before actually leaving. You have to emotionally detach yourself from your trauma partner. This is not always easy as they will feel you slipping away and will try anything to stop you from actually leaving. What will they try? They may love bomb you…
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Proven Steps to Breaking a Trauma Bond #3

Let go of the Fantasy §§cs§§ This is one of the hardest steps and will honestly take doing over and over. You will need to really let go of the person who you believed your partner was and really see who they are. What is it that they do that you need and want in…
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Proven Steps to Breaking a Trauma Bond #2

The second step to breaking a trauma bond is to start to write The second step to breaking a trauma bond is to start to write or in some way record what is happening that is hurtful or abusive. Our brains are amazing things that protect us from the reality of a situation if it…
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Proven steps to breaking a trauma bond #1

Proven Steps to Breaking a Trauma Bond #1

Trauma Bond What? Trauma bonds are formed when you are in a toxic relationship that has dramatic ups and downs. Usually the downs last longer than the ups but not always. These bonds are strengthened by the toxic person through a systematic approach of giving hope and taking it away. They promise love, family, happiness,…
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Trauma Bonding

Trauma Bonding, What It Is/What It Isn’t

So What is Trauma Bonding? I have been saying I will be talking about trauma bonding for a while and not really hitting the mark how I would like. I am going to work on changing that over the next week or two. I know that trauma bonding is talked about in regards to narcissistic…
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Triggers Video

Hey I am sharing a live video from my Facebook Support Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/486766611725155/  Also available on my Facebook Fan Page :  https://www.facebook.com/RisingAboveBetrayalTrauma/  What do you do to combat your triggers? Will you be trying any of these suggestions? What did you learn from the video? Facebook Twitter Google-plus Take Back Your Life and Healing Call (541)903-5783…
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Trauma Bonding/Podcast

Trauma Bonding Podcast Facebook Twitter Google-plus September 25, 2018Trauma Bonding from Toxic Relationship Trauma bonding is a term for … 5 Signs of Trauma Bonding   September 13, 2018This is a personal podcast, Please listen. If this moved you, … Get Help Today   August 28, 2018This is something that has happened to you. You…
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