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Month: January 2019

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Boundary Follow Through

Breaking Boundaries? When we make boundaries, especially for the first time, we really do hope that they won’t need us to enforce them. Sadly, in most relationships with addicts, that is not the case. So what do we do? January 21, 2019 What is Self Care and Why do we need it? … Self Care…
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Self Care

What is Self Care and Why do we need it? Especially when healing from betrayal trauma and infidelity, self care is essential.  Facebook Twitter Google-plus If you are interested in a free consultation message me here! Your Name (required) Your Email (required) Your Phone Number (required) Subject Your Message January 14, 2019 So maybe you…
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All Trauma is Trauma

Do you ever feel like maybe your trauma just isn’t that important because compared to someone else its not as bad? Or has someone told you not to feel like you do because they have it so much worse? Maybe you’ve heard that because your spouse was cheating emotionally and not physically you don’t have…
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How can I boost my mood to survive my spouses infidelity?

So maybe you need to go to work but you’re dealing with an unfaithful spouse at home? Or maybe you have kids to take care of but knowing your spouse is a porn addict is making that hard, here are a few tips to help.  January 14, 2019 So maybe you need to go to…
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