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Month: October 2018

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Trauma Bonding

Trauma Bonding, What It Is/What It Isn’t

So What is Trauma Bonding? I have been saying I will be talking about trauma bonding for a while and not really hitting the mark how I would like. I am going to work on changing that over the next week or two. I know that trauma bonding is talked about in regards to narcissistic…
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Triggers Video

Hey I am sharing a live video from my Facebook Support Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/486766611725155/  Also available on my Facebook Fan Page :  https://www.facebook.com/RisingAboveBetrayalTrauma/  What do you do to combat your triggers? Will you be trying any of these suggestions? What did you learn from the video? Facebook Twitter Google-plus Take Back Your Life and Healing Call (541)903-5783…
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Trauma Bonding/Podcast

Trauma Bonding Podcast Facebook Twitter Google-plus September 25, 2018Trauma Bonding from Toxic Relationship Trauma bonding is a term for … 5 Signs of Trauma Bonding   September 13, 2018This is a personal podcast, Please listen. If this moved you, … Get Help Today   August 28, 2018This is something that has happened to you. You…
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