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Month: June 2018

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How to Create Safety in Your Marriage/To the SA

To the SA Trying to Save Their Marriage §§cs§§ All marriages recovering from infidelity of any sort have different needs than a marriage that has never had that sort of violation. There is a complete new set of expectations and beliefs that will come to bear on both partners. If there is sincere regret and…
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6 Tips To Revitalize Your Marriage

    §§cs§§ Marriage Tune-up Every marriage can use a tune-up at some point or another. There are many ways to get things moving again but these are the ones that I have found to be the fastest to make a difference. You may want to try them all at once or one at a…
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7 Relationship Rules that Save Marriages

    §§cs§§ Boundaries in Relationships Boundaries are important in any relationship but they play a vital role in our intimate relationships. This is because we become so immersed in being joined with our partner that we sometimes have a hard time knowing where we end and they begin. When we are so involved we…
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What are Daily Check Ins and Why Are They Important

§§cs§§ Why Daily Check ins? Do you ever wonder how your SA spouse is doing? Do they leave you out of the loop about their recovery? I suggest implementing a daily check in. This is a set time that you get together to talk about what is going on and how everything is working out.…
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5 Tips to Survive Your Divorce

    §§cs§§ I know that a divorce is not how everyone pictured their marriage turning out. We don’t usually go into our marriage saying I’d like to be divorced by this date. When we marry we plan to stay in that marriage, and if that isn’t possible many of us have no real idea…
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10 Tips to Communicate

These are the tips I give all my clients. They look easy and like what we should always be doing BUT I have found that even people who love each other and want to communicate may miss some of these on a regular basis. Some of these will take work to implement and remember, but…
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