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Month: April 2018

Embrace Healing with Rising Above Betrayal Trauma Recovery Coaching!

Financial Abuse-PODCAST

Here is another type of abuse that I think needs to be brought up.

Control/Abuse Betrayal Trauma Podcast

Podcast focused on the use of control as abuse and how that can cause Betrayal Trauma.

Free Printable Trigger Log!

Triggers are one of the hardest things to work through with betrayal trauma. First you have to realize its a trigger and what that means, and then learn how to work though the thoughts and behaviors associated. The best way I have found to become mindful of the situations is to start a log. I…
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Emotional Dysregulation in Betrayal Trauma

    One of the more severe symptoms of betrayal trauma is the emotional dysregulation. This is where you have extreme mood changes quickly. Most of the time you won’t even know its coming. It just jumps up and grabs you. Like walking through the mall and your suddenly overcome by anger or watching tv…
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Boundaries Worksheet

Boundaries are extremely important in any relationship, so I thought a printable worksheet would be helpful. This is just a first step in making a good boundaries list. Please link back here if you’d like to share this. Your downloadable will be sent to you by email.    

Discovering My Husband’s Porn Addiction, Betrayal Trauma

This is not my usual post of information or support. I have decided to share how I learned about Betrayal Trauma and what drives me to help others who are dealing with issues pertaining to it. I will not really be giving any information in this post but giving my audience an insight into my…
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Free Achievable Goals Worksheet

I’m sure you know that goals are important, but how does someone get them set up to actually achieve a goal? How do you go from dream to reality? Well that is exactly the inspiration for this worksheet. I made it for myself and have used it for quite a while but just decided a…
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Boundaries in Betrayal Trauma Recovery

Boundaries are a part of every healthy relationship. They are the way in which we know how to relate to each other and know how our relationships works. Sadly, in unhealthy relationships there is usually a distinct lack of boundaries, healthy or otherwise. Unhealthy relationships tend to be very lopsided thusly allowing the abuser many…
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