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Step into Your Best Life By Rising Above Betrayal Trauma

The shame involved with having a Sex or Pornography Addicted Spouse leaves many Partners feeling like there is nowhere to turn. We internalize it and hide the issues from those closest to us. We help our SO find help but then feel like we are forced to try to put the pieces back together alone. I have been there.

Thought-Based Approach CBT REBT DBT

Alternative Holistic Behavioral Life Coach

As much of the issues created by Betrayal Trauma do not start in my clients, I have found that a multi-approach is best. This is where my Holistic approach comes in, as there are aspects to this that cannot be treated with just a one-sided technique. Gas-lighting lies, and manipulation leaves scars that go beyond surface level. Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual healing must take place for true wholeness to happen.

The Secret of Success

I am an Alternative Holistic Behavioral Life Coach. I am focusing on Betrayal Trauma Recovery, Marriage Infidelity Recovery, and Divorce Coaching. Betrayal Trauma starts with a breach of trust so devastating that we have to change our understanding of the world around us to deal with it. The way our brain interprets this is that we are not safe. To create safety we adopt new thought patterns. The trauma is much like someone who has been in life-threatening situations. These traumas keep coming when our spouse lies or again does something that hurts us so severely. Such traumas collided to create feelings and behaviors that make life hard for many people. We start by facing the beliefs and thoughts that your partners’ betrayal has instilled. I then teach Partners of Addicts healthy boundaries, how to make an action plan, goals for self-recovery, and life discovery.


I will support you through every step of the way and allow you to grow and change.


You will build your new life on a foundation of your own making which no one can take or shake.


We will make your Goals a reality and give you the direction you need.


You can be sure of the direction you are choosing and know what is coming.

Experienced and Well Trained

Experienced Certified Life Coaching Professional. I have a Psychology Degree and S.A. Partners Coaching Certificate. I have been a life coach in one area or another for the last 10 years. I started with coaching other college students in goal setting, study skills, and other areas. I moved to grief coaching women and couples with infertility issues. From there I moved to domestic violence survivors coaching. I started helping others in the same situation I was in just as a fluke. I found out about becoming a Betrayal Trauma coach and realized with all my past experience in all these areas I could really help others. I had mentored Partners of SA on the side or been involved in Partners recovery for 14 years. So I opened Rising Above Betrayal Trauma to continue. This is my life passion and I am so happy I found where I am needed and can do the most good.  I also have 9 other certificates relating to Relationships and Alternative Holistic Behavioral Life Coaching that help me to give the most to my clients. I include a holistic approach to every client which gives the best results. Mind and body are both important on any journey to a better life but especially important when dealing with Betrayal Trauma.


Client Testimonials

I had absolutely no idea how to move forward or if I even wanted to be with my husband anymore. Having help getting an Action Plan and Boundaries that I could actually follow has been the best thing I’ve ever done. We are finally moving forward, and if things do go wrong, I know exactly what I am doing. Karina was so supportive and she really knows where I am coming from. You can really tell she has been in the same perdictiment.

Stephine M.

Working on Betrayal Trauma From a Sex Addicted Husband

No matter how many times we went through the same issues I couldn’t seem to make any decisions to do anything differently. Thankfully Karina walked me through everything I needed to do to completely change my life. I am now single and loving it.

Amy G.

Working on Betrayal Trauma relating to Spouses Porn Addiction

Even though she isn’t a traditional Therapist, Karina has helped me more than any other support I have tried. The REBT was the most helpful thing I’ve ever tried. I’ve gone to therapists my whole life and never had any teach me this. Its amazing.

Jane D.

Working on Betrayal Trauma related to Childhood Trauma

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